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We are closed during a holiday from 14th upto 24th of June. Please contact sales@a1touchsolution.nl in case of urgent matters. Your e-mail will be responded with some delay. Orders during this period will be handled immediately after the holiday.

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Warranty / Terms:

All our products are covered by a warranty; for the (touchscreen) monitors and computer systems, it's two years, for (touch) parts and touch kits, it's one year.

Guarantee clause valid for (installation and desktop) touchscreen monitors, all-in-one units and computers:
Guarantee clause valid for Touchscreen Components Add-on and Built-in kits:


Questions / problems regarding the installation or use of our touchscreen products:

These can be mailed directly to us via Contact Form with link below. We ensure that you receive a reply from us within 24 hours, we as adequately as possible try to answer your question and / or resolve your problem.
You can also contact us by phone via Tel.no: +31 (0)45-5748190.


If you have an error in one of our products purchased, we ask you to fill in a form. After receiving your form we will send you a response within 24 hours explaining how we are trying to rectify the fault. In order to make a proper analysis it is imperative that you give a clear description.
Notice: Please send the defective product  not immediately, but wait for our response to your submitted form to avoid unnecessary expense on your part.
Register your fault here: Contact Form